Esther Hansen, RDN

How to Stop Sugar Addiction and Quit Sugar with a Low Sugar Diet

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who fervently believes that a healthy relationship with food, a low sugar diet and an active lifestyle is the path to a peaceful, disease-free life.   

I have spent 5 years in study (BS Human Nutrition, Dietetic Internship and dietetic registration exam) and 9 years in practice as a health care professional.  

These courses are the cumulation of everything that works - personally and professionally, psychologically and physiologically - in a simple format.  My hope is that this will enlighten and transform a vast audience.

Our nation desperately needs a diet overhaul!  Our lives, our children and our futures depend on it.       


 Stephanie Nelson

How to Stop Sugar Addiction and Quit Sugar with a Low Sugar Diet

I am an instructional designer with a BS in business administration and marketing with more than 11 years experience developing curriculum in both corporate and higher education realms. Simply stated, I am an avid learner and trainer.  

Like Esther, I was sugar deprived as a child.  When I had access to sugar as an adult, I binged on candy and a bad habit turned into an addiction.   

Every day I am learning to moderate sugar. I have replaced feelings of guilt and failure with mindfulness - awareness of why I eat sugar and how it makes me feel.  By paying attention I realize it doesn't appeal to me, it doesn't comfort me and I really don't need it.

My biggest wish for participants in our courses is freedom from the physical and emotional burden of sugar (guilt and failure).